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Outdoor Activities to Check off Your List this Fall

One of the reasons we love fall here in the ‘Burg is that it’s such an easy time of year to enjoy all the gifts that nature has to offer. And Williamsburg has created plenty of ways for us to get outdoors and feel alive! 

Here are our favorite ways to revel in the great outdoors…

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Why Autumn in the Burg Doesn’t Fall Short of Great

With the beautiful array of colors and crisp autumn air filling the streets, fall is one of the most spectacular seasons in Williamsburg. When you stay at King’s Creek Plantation this season, your trip to Williamsburg will be a delight, both on and off the resort!

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It’s Not Fall Without: Pumpkins

Slowly but surely, warm days are being replaced by warm sweaters! What is it about fall that makes us feel so giddy? Maybe it’s the cozy traditions that center around making memories with the ones we love. And, of course, because of pumpkins.

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Celebrate Independence Day in Williamsburg

If you’re planning to be in Williamsburg for July Fourth, you couldn’t pick a more appropriate vacation spot for this American holiday. The Historic Triangle—Williamsburg, Yorktown and Jamestown—is the cornerstone of American history, not to mention a celebrated destination for families and friends looking for a place to make lifelong memories!

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The Best Biking and Walking Trails in Williamsburg

In Williamsburg, Virginia, there is so much to offer visitors in terms of shopping, dining, and cultural enrichment, but did you know that there also are dozens of amazing outdoor adventures to be had? Because of its location, which is right between the James and York Rivers, Williamsburg offers some of the most breathtaking views in Virginia.

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How To Beat the August Heat

Part of the reason Williamsburg is such a great place to vacation is that it knows how to bring the heat! If you’re planning on paying a visit to King’s Creek Plantation in August, here are the best ways to deal with the heat in the hottest month of summer! 

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